Jalen Rose’s time as a personality on TV often finds people giving him props for his haircut and grooming. The ESPN personality recently spoke out about the proper amount men should drop on a haircut, saying he doesn’t gamble when it comes to paying for a quality line-up. 

"The minimum you're supposed to be spending for a quality barber is $100,” said Rose. He continued, “So many guys & people out there think y'all gon' show up & get a fly haircut and y’all gon’ spend $35.” He then laid out what happens when you spend that $35, saying there’s going to be a lot of waiting for an appointment that was scheduled at 1pm but got pushed back, along with being sent to voicemail. Rose noted all that could occur if you don’t just pay that $100 for the quality barber. Watch above. 

Source: Hotnewhiphop.com