Blac Chyna is getting candid about her transformation into being more natural, including recently getting her illegal silicone butt injections surgically removed and her breasts reduced. Now, Blac Chyna, real name Angela White, is taking her followers on her journey to get her injectable face fillers dissolved. 

In a video posted to her social media, Blac Chyna explained that she's wanting to look more like her real self, and she added that she's "tired of the look" of her face fillers. Blac Chyna added that she doesn't think her fillers are flattering to her face, and she spoke about people comparing her to the "Saw" character Jigsaw and Jim Carrey in "The Mask." 

From there, Blac Chyna documented her doctor injecting a solution that will dissolve all of her filler, taking her face shape back to its normal shape. Check it out in full up top.