Blac Chyna took to Instagram to open up about getting surgery to take out the shots she got in her butt, along with reducing her breast implants. 

She started off by speaking about the difference between a "Brazilian Butt Lift" and getting silicone shots to increase the size of your butt. Blac Chyna warned women against the latter, stating that you can have extreme complications that could kill you if you have silicone injected. She added that she hasn't had any complications after getting silicone injected when she was 19, and Blac Chyna explained that she wanted them out because she was trying to elevate in other parts of her life. 

Chyna documented her surgery journey, and she revealed that at one point during the removal of her silicone shots, the machine responsible for the removal kept getting clogged up. She added that the surgery is normally around four hours, but because of the complications, it took about eight and a half hours. You can see more above.