For many music fans within the millennial age demographic, pop-punk singer Avril Lavigne is a highly revered celebrity whom some still view as an iconic sex symbol. The nostalgia of her hit singles from the 2000s, such as "Sk8ter Boi" and "I'm With You," have become timeless pop-culture classics.

During her prime years, the Canadian-born multi-instrumentalist married the lead singer of Sum 41, Deryck Whibley, before filing for a divorce and getting engaged to rapper/singer Mod Sun over a decade later. Although her engagement with Mod Sun is still intact, the 38-year-old was recently spotted with Tyga at a restaurant called NOBU in Los Angeles. The duo was seen engaging in PDA following an intimate dinner together. The two reportedly left NOBU in the same car. Tyga and Avril have been spending a lot of time together as of late, but it has not been confirmed if their relationship is romantic or platonic.

Source: TMZ