The trial has began for Robert Lyons, 39, who brutally murdered his mother for not arranging skybox seats for and Avril Lavigne concert three years ago.

Lyons allegedly beat and stabbed his mother, Linda Bolek, to death in the kitchen of the Carol Stream condo they shared. Prosecutors say that he hit her over the head with a champagne bottle and then stabbed her nine times. The attack was so violent that the blade to the knife snapped off during the attack.

After killing his mother Lyons poured several household cleaners on her body and went shopping at several stores before getting arrested hours later in a Hooters restaurant. In an attempt to cover his name, Lyons called several people and told them he had struggled with his mother after she attacked him with a kitchen knife during an argument.

His attorney is claiming that Lyons didn't intentionally kill his mother, but didn't dispute that he was responsible for her death.