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Part 8: Lou Simms on Being Charged for 10 of 15 Murders in 142nd St. Lynchmob's Fed Case
Part 6: Lou Simms on New York Losing its Influence in Prisons, Younger Era Not as "Thorough"
Part 1: Lou Simms on Going to State Prison in 10th Grade for Attempted Murder & Armed Robbery


In this clip, Lou Simms reflects back on the statements made by the detective and U.S. attorney that played a role in his arrest. The comments cited stats that suggested Lou's arrest directly resulted in his old neighborhood becoming a much safer place to live. To that, the former leader of the 142nd Street Lynchmob indicates that his accusers who using the media to create falsehoods with fear-mongering tactics. From there, he explains why having a jury comprised of one's peers can be so important. Moving along, Simms shares his thoughts on the various tactics used by the feds to prosecute people like him and keep them behind bars. Lastly, he credits former U.S. President Donald Trump for his early release from prison.

Interview by: Cavario