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Part 7: Lou Simms on Not Getting "Jury of Your Peers" Due to People Skipping Jury Duty
Part 5: Lou Simms on 2Pac's Stepdad Helping Him Get His Death Penalty Conviction Overturned
Part 1: Lou Simms on Going to State Prison in 10th Grade for Attempted Murder & Armed Robbery


In this clip, Lou Simms explained why he doesn’t believe the name “Lynch Mob” was particularly triggering for police to have them on their radar. He noted that the media also hyped up the crew’s image, specifically his as a “monster” that everyone in the neighborhood feared. Later, Lou Simms broke down street politics behind bars among gangs such as bloods, crips, and religious groups like the Muslims. He explained why penitentiaries get locked down before detailing the different types of felons that were interrogated where he was being housed during his time behind bars. Lastly, he talked about the widespread epidemic of inmate abuse at the hand of prison officers.

Interview by: Cavario