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Part 13: Peter Shue on Hearing Vlad Scares People into Providing Incriminating Answers
Part 11: Peter Shue Details Romance w/ Madonna, Claims She Set Him Up to Serve 21 Years
Part 1: Peter Shue on Carrying Gun at 13, Robbing Hookers, Making $1K a Day Selling Weed


In this clip, Peter Shue reflects back on his success as a party promoter in NYC during his heyday before explaining that he was motivated by finding a way to wash his drug money. He then explains that the parties became so popular that they started to become a monthly occurrence. He then talks about some of the most famous celebrities that performed live at the parties, such as Jodeci, Alicia Keys, and Keith Sweat. Moving along, he shares a story about Dr. Dre and Snoop attempting to leave a party without fulfilling their obligation to perform, which led to threats being made over the phone to the CEO of Death Row Records at the time, Suge Knight. This led to a friendship between his crew and Suge Knight, which nearly evolved into the sides creating Death Row East together. Later in the discussion, he talks about an incident when Alpo Martinez slapped Keith Sweat at a basketball game in Rucker Park and what he did about it. To hear more, scroll up and press play.