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Part 2: Peter Shue on Robbing Dealers to Feed Coke Habit, Various Friends Being Killed Robbing


Peter Shue sat down for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started off by speaking to Cavario about growing up in the South Bronx in the 1970s. Peter explained that the South Bronx was the roughest area in the borough, and he said that there was every aspect of violence in the area, including vicious dogs. When Peter spoke about picking up a weapon for the first time at 13, Peter explained that he felt like he needed protection. While speaking about his school life, Peter admitted that he was more interested in playing basketball than going to classes. Peter went on to speak about getting kicked out of various schools, and he detailed robbing students at other schools at 15. By 17, Peter revealed that he was selling 200 joints a day at school, which equaled about $1,000, and Peter explained that he spent the money on girls and kids in his neighborhood. Peter also spoke about how he went to a different level with selling, and he added that he also robbed hookers in his neighborhood. While he was still a teenager, Peter spoke about running with big ballers in the neighborhood, which led to him being introduced to coke. This led to Peter sharing stories about his partying days, which you can hear more about above.