Track star Sha’Carri Richardson recently had an experience on American Airlines that found her calling out the brand after one of their flight attendants allegedly threatened her. 

Richardson captured a good portion of the ordeal and posted it to Instagram. In the caption of the footage, she said “Tell me if I’ll be wrong to pursue legal actions against the airline @americanair not only did the man threaten me, but also an innocent bystander who simply just wanted a picture with me.”

The runner claimed that a white male flight attendant cursed at her and wouldn’t have done so if she was white. “And this flight attendant has the [nerve to] applause when I exited the plane when I’m pretty serious the disrespect I received would not have happened if I was one of them. One of them even stated good luck with your ban ( I see he took the time to do some research but not stand up for what’s right),” said Richardson. Watch her exchange above.

source: Instagram