Power slap-fighting is starting to emerge as a viable source of entertainment and competitive contact sports. On Monday, RXF hosted a pay-per-view slap-fighting extravaganza called RXF 42. The live event took place in Las Vegas. It featured an impressive lineup of one-on-one battles, where each contestant stood across the table from their opponent and exchanged slaps until a stoppage via submission, KO, or intervention from the referee. The highlight of the evening was a 30-minute bout between ComÈ™a Simion vs. Gorczyca Alexandru for the championship belt. Cosma went into the later moments of the fight with a severely bloodshot face while also being outmatched by his opponent's weight and stature.

Every time that Alexandru hit Cosma, he appeared to wabble and wince in pain as if he could tumble down to the ground at any given minute. But he didn't. At first, Comsa's slaps didn't even seem to make Alexandru flinch, as the big man smiled and chuckled after he was hit the first few times. However, Comsa wore him down slowly but surely. Endurance and pain tolerance proved to be the decisive factor as the big man alerted the referee that he could no longer continue when the long battle intensified. Thus, prompting Comsa to celebrate in the ring. The outcome was shocking because Alexandru didn't look like he had been seriously hurt, aside from slight swelling on the left side of his face. 

Following the spirited contest, former UFC double-champion, Conor McGregor took to Twitter to toast Comsa's ability to deliver a slap.

“Absolutely gorgeous technique congrats the new heavyweight champion.”

Slap fighting has become so popular that Dana White, the president of the UFC, just started his own promotion that focuses solely on the sport called the Power Slap League. The promotion made its debut two days after RXF 42.


Source: Talk Sport