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Part 5: Smokey Robinson: I Met Berry Gordy the Same Day I was Told "I'll Never Make It"
Part 3: Smokey Robinson on Meeting Diana Ross as a Kid, Having Affair with Her while Married
Part 1: Smokey Robinson: My Dad Stabbed a White Bully at 12, Ran Away to Save Family


In this clip, Smokey Robinson talks about growing up in Detroit during a time when many of his friends were dabbling in criminal mischief and involved in gang activity. He reveals that the police shot and killed a friend of his for attempting to break into a car. From there, he recalls a horrific fight that stemmed from a baseball game between Black kids and White kids that led to a bloody brawl involving baseball bats. He said the fight was such a bad experience that it prompted him to stop fighting together. Later in the conversation, he talks about his approach to parenting in regard to peer pressure.