Update 12/24/2022 3:14pm:

Previously, it was reported that the judge who seemingly had Meek Mill put in jail for four years—Genece Brinkley, was demoted to civil court and had all her criminal cases reassigned. Now, Meek Mill has reacted to the news about the judge. 

Via Instagram, the rapper posted a video featuring imagery of the judge and added photos of those who supported him during his time being locked up. The beginning of the video featured text that said, “The judge who sentenced Meek Mill to 4 years for doing a wheelie on a dirt bike had her criminal cases stripped.” The message went on to reveal that “+50 of her cases were terminated by another judge over 2 days.” While Meek didn’t explicitly comment on the judge being stripped of her cases, the rapper’s acknowledgment of the situation shows he’s been paying attention to her since calling out the judge during his previous legal battle. Via the caption of his post, Meek said, "For motivation use only -standing at the scratch line" Watch above.

source: Instagram

Original 12/23/2022 3:45pm:

According to reports, the judge who had Meek Mill put in jail—Judge Genece Brinkley, was transferred to civil court earlier this year. Along with that, her criminal cases were reassigned. 

Because of the move, over 50 cases Brinkley was expected to handle have been taken away from her load. Because of that, Brinkley filed a racial discrimination and gender complaint against two supervising judges. It was noted both judges she filed against are Black. The judge then asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to overturn the decision to strip her of her cases. 

This news comes after Brinkley’s cases have been re-examined by lawyers and judges who say Brinkley imposed illegal sentences and allowed sentences to go past the maximum date. 

Chief of the Defender Association of Philadelphia Keisha Hudson said, “We have long raised concerns about Judge Brinkley. Concerns in terms of judicial temperament and cases on an individual basis.” Hudson then said prosecutors and her office started reviewing 120 sentences issued by the judge over the last 20 years that they feel are “grossly excessive.”  

source: Philadelphia Inquirer