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Part 6: Marvin Sapp on Lil Nas X & Homosexuality in the Christian Church
Part 1: Marvin Sapp on Doing Lean as a Teen While Directing Choir at Church


In this clip, Marvin Sapp talks about Kanye's dominant Award-winning run in the Gospel music space before stating how easy it is for secular artists to cross over and make faith-based albums. He then goes on to say that the accolades that Kanye gets in Gospel music are unfair to the artists who live the lifestyle on a daily basis. Moving along, he addresses the fact that he's never had a feature on any of his LPs. Marvin later talks about his recent venture in the film called "I Never Would Have Made It: The Marvin Sapp Story," a project that he executive produced. The film was released in August, and Marvin said he enjoyed the experience so much he would be very interested in exploring more avenues in the TV/film industry. Lastly, he talks about his legacy and the ways that he's invested in fashion, a new recording studio, a podcast studio, and his own network Elevate TV (citing VladTV as a source of inspiration), on land that he has purchased.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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