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Part 2: Marvin Sapp on His Group Commissioned's 'Edgy Gospel' Influencing Top 90s R&B Acts


Marvin Sapp came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started off by speaking about growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which he said was very Republican. Marvin went on to speak about living with a single mother at a young age, and he admitted that while he was connected to the church, he was also getting into trouble. When it comes to singing, Marvin explained that his father was a singer, and he sang his first solo in church when he was just four years old. Marvin then explained that at 10, he made a commitment to sing gospel music, which he said is the only thing he’s ever sung. From there, Marvin detailed how he started being more rebellious, which led to him being exposed to various drugs, including Lean. Throughout this time, Marvin was still involved in church, including directing the choir, and he went on to speak about having a change of heart at 18. Speaking about his parents, Marvin explained that his mother was a strict disciplinarian, who was raising four boys in the hood, and Marvin explained that her only goal was keeping her sons from being felons. Marvin added that his mother was successful in her goal, and he went on to speak about going to college.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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