A discussion was sparked in the hip-hop world after it was revealed that Saweetie's latest project, The Single Life, sold 2,000 units in its first week. VladTV's very own DJ Vlad also joined in the discussion, and now, TDE artist Reason is sharing his thoughts. 

Reason explained that it shows that the label is lacking on artist development, as he wrote, "The Saweetie album sales is funny etc but it’s also (in my humble opinion) a representation in the lack of artist development. Saweetie is a star, she’s proven that! But you still have to develop artist and help them make better records. I'd love to write with Saweetie." 

He added, "And no this ain’t no pick me sh*t this is from one artist to another, I personally believe we should bring back artist development and not just worry about social media. My 2 cents!" 

After his comments started circulating on social media, Reason continued to address the situation, writing, "Addressing this ONLY cuz my mentions and sh*t been blowing up on twitter and ig about this saweetie thing! SAWEETIE IS A STAR! Any person that can get millions of people to engage, be invested, like them, & follow them is a star! That is talent!!" 

He closed out his thoughts by writing, "Maybe not a talent y’all respect, but i do! It’s a talent that most of y’all favorite artists (including myself) are trying to figure out EVERY SINGLE DAY OF OUR CAREER! Gotta stop being close minded! She’s a star! I simply want to help on the music side if she’ll have me."