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In this clip, Ed Lover reacted to DJ Akademiks calling older rappers “dusty,” and Ed explained that we all stand on shoulders of the people before us. Ed went on to tell DJ Akademiks that the pioneers that opened their doors for him never reaped the financial benefits in the industry. Ed added that hip-hop was a cultural thing in the early days, and he pointed out that it wasn’t a business until years later. Ed explained that he took Akademiks’ comments personally, and Ed believes that he owes the hip-hop pioneers that he offended an apology. Speaking more on the topic, Ed explained that Michael Jordan didn’t make what top players are making now, and people don’t dog out Jordan. Ed also told Akademiks that he’s one of the reasons that DJ Akademiks is able to have his career, and he questioned if people like Diddy and Dre are dusty in Akademiks’ eyes.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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