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In this clip, Ed Lover started off reacting to Erica Mena being upset that she’s getting $4,000 a month from Safaree for child support, and Ed explained that it’s supplemental to what she’s providing for the child. Ed questioned what baby needs $4,000 a month, and he stated that he thinks Erica should put the money back for the kids. From there, Shawn Prez spoke about Mel B getting $35,000 a month from Eddie Murphy because her income has changed. Ed explained that with that kind of money, the mother should be required to set up a trust fund for the kids for when they turn 18. Speaking more about Safaree, Shawn spoke about his childhood friend getting 18 years in prison for robbing Safaree. Ed pointed out that jealousy and envy are real things, and he added that people need to understand who their real friends are, especially when they start making money. Speaking more about child support, Ed and Shawn shared their thoughts on 50 Cent’s son saying that $6,700 a month wasn’t enough for child support when he was growing up.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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