Takeoff’s death has put how dangerous being a rapper is into perspective for many, including Meek Mill, who recently commented on the loss of the Migos artist. Via Twitter, Meek offered his condolences and prayers to the rapper's mother, then delivered thoughts on why the situation occurred based on his perspective as a rapper. 

Meek said, “That ‘takeoff s**t’ not to deemed as normal.. Seeing a legend, you got love for killed like that ain’t good! I think like ‘say if that happen to me.’” He then said, “It’s really mentally slow hurt people with guns extremely jealous of rappers, it’s sad!”

The rapper doubled down on his thoughts, saying, “It really be the slow n***as that turned full gangstas and killing/beefing with someone is the most important thing they can do for attention! I’m older, so I can analyze now …I don’t wanna be around a bunch of high strapped n***as at alllll! For what I protect myself!!!” Take a look above. 

source: Twitter