For the hip-hop community, the past 36 hours have been filled with sorrow and grief over the untimely passing of Takeoff from the Migos. Amid the showers of condolences from celebrities such as LaKeith Stanfield, Emmitt Smith, Jemele Hill, Shakur Stevenson, and Keke Palmer, a reaction from Takeoff's famous cousin, Offset, was noticeably missing until now.

After news broke regarding the passing of Takeoff, the public didn't hear from Offset, and understandably so. The 30-year-old emcee recently changed his profile picture on Instagram to a picture of Takeoff. The heartfelt gesture was immediately picked up by various media outlets. However, Offset has yet to speak publicly on the manner, nor has he released a statement. Since the passing of his cousin, Migos fans have been flooding the comment sections of Offset's Instagram page with pleas for him to reconcile with Quavo. 

For more news on Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff, stay tuned. Scroll up and swipe right to view a photo of Offet's new profile picture from IG.