Lawsuits against Kanye West have piled up, with a more recent one involving the family of George Floyd. Since then, Floyd’s brother Philonise has paused the lawsuit. Now, a former business manager has filed a lawsuit for $4.5 million, claiming that West said their contract was “bulls**t.” 

Legal documents found Thomas St. John saying he was hired as West’s senior financial advisor and Chief Financial Officer for Yeezy. The contract was set for a guaranteed term of 18 months, and St. John was supposed to be paid a $300,000 monthly retainer fee. St. John noted the first three payments were received, then West reportedly got “heated and aggressive” during a meeting they had at Nobu. During the meeting, Kanye said he didn’t want to work with St. John moving forward. 

When St. John brought up the 18-month term, West allegedly told him: “The 18-month term was bulls***” and “You’re insane for even thinking I would stick to it.” As a result, St. John is asking for $4.5 million in damages. The breakdown of the damages found St. John asking for $3.6 million for the rest of the contract and $900,000 for the months he’s missed so far.

source: TMZ