Latto has been featured on the ‘Special’ tour with Lizzo, and the artists recently stopped in Atlanta. While performing, Latto delivered songs like “Big Energy” and the track “P***y,” which is a pro-choice anthem. While performing “P***y,” the rapper then added another layer, bringing Stacey Abrams, who is currently running for Governor of Georgia. 

Abrams walked out on stage holding a sign that said, “My body, my choice.” Latto continued to perform before allowing Abrams a moment to address the large crowd. “I’m not gonna interrupt your fun,” Abrams. She continued, “I just want to remind you that if you believe in my body, my choice, I need your vote. I need your big energy. Let’s get it!”

The candidate for Governor of Georgia then took to Instagram to deliver a message to Latto, saying, “Thank you for sharing your stage with me, @latto777. Time to vote and protect a woman’s right to choose.” Latto previously revealed she wrote the song “P***y” a month before Roe v. Wade was overturned and was prompted to put it out for sure following the decision.