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Part 8: George Chidi: Young Thug & YFN Lucci Won't Get Plea Deals, DA Thinks They're Big Dogs
Part 6: George Chidi: DA is Claiming Gunna "Involved" in 2 Murders with Shady Park Crips
Part 1: George Chidi: Young Thug Isn't Getting Bond Because Lil Wayne Bus Shooter Still at Large


In this clip, George Chidi spoke about the troubles that are facing the Fulton County Jail and the sheriff’s department writ large. He discussed the issue of the nurse being caught trying to get drugs into the jail for Gunna and says this is only the tip of the iceberg. George also cited the uptick in weapons, drugs, and other contraband being found since the jailing of YSL members. Moving along, Chidi addressed YFN Lucci not being given a plea deal in his RICO case, and Chidi explained that prosecutors are trying to paint Lucci as a top guy in the gang. Chidi explained that people in the YFN and YSL cases wouldn’t be let go anytime soon, and he added that there are enough people talking to keep things going. George then spoke about Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis being “high-profile on purpose,” as he explained that she needs to prove to the public that she’s capable of her job.