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Part 7: George Chidi on Nurse Caught for Allegedly Trying to Smuggle Drugs to Gunna
Part 5: George Chidi: Yak Gotti & Lil Duke Say Switch Found at Young Thug's House Isn't Theirs
Part 1: George Chidi: Young Thug Isn't Getting Bond Because Lil Wayne Bus Shooter Still at Large


In this clip, George Chidi started off by speaking about Young Thug being denied bond, and he explained that he would be surprised if the trial starts in January. He then went on to speak about Gunna also being denied bond, and Chidi spoke about how the rapper is being linked to incidents involving the Shady Park Crips. Chidi added that since the discovery hasn’t been released by the prosecution, very little information is known about the charges involving Gunna.