Unlike professional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL, there's no salary cap in hip-hop. But when a good rapper gets paid a certain amount to do a feature for another recording artist, it raises the market value for the ones who are great, similarly to the way the NFL free-agency period often plays itself out when starting quarterbacks negotiate new contracts. According to reports, Rich The Kid charges about $120,000 per guest feature, while Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj charge over triple that amount. With that being said, it's not unreasonable for an artist like EST Gee to expect to be compensated with $75,000 for a feature. But for some reason, that notion really seemed to irk Desiigner when he made a recent inquiry about a collaboration with the Kentucky native. So, naturally, the "Panda" rapper took to Instagram to tell his followers all about it.

"Trying to charge me seventy-five thousand?" Desiigner said. "EST Gee bro...Yo, you're garbage. You is hot garbage. You can't perform like me, you can't never make a song like me. You can't never make a song like anybody in New York city. You're trash bro, you're trash. You know what you are? [You are] what I'm doing right now: Sh*tting. Stop playing with me."

While Desiinger has enjoyed more commercial success than EST Gee, the latter has outperformed the NYC native in terms of streaming and accolades related to the Billboard charts during the past year. EST Gee has yet to respond after being called out by Desiigner. 

Stay tuned.

Source: Instagram.com