Less than two weeks after rolling out their annual 600 vs. 600-man brawl called "Walk the Field," a promotional group in Russia called "Arena" has introduced a new form of combat sports that has taken social media by storm called "Arm Boxing." The object of the one-on-one game is to remain upright while each fighter exchanges punches with MMA gloves on from up close range. The fighters stand face to face throughout the bout with a table in between them and one of their hands taped to each other; there is no escape. With one free hand available, the prospect of applying a game plan largely based on defense or tiring out your opponent is nearly impractical. In this sport, your opponent can pull you in and engage you whenever they want. Which could only make fight fans wonder how a great defensive boxer like Floyd Mayweather would have faired in a wild setting such as this.

This combat sport is all about punching power and aggressiveness because the referee only has three rounds (consisting of one minute each) to declare a winner unless of course someone gets knocked out beforehand.

A clip of "Arm  Boxing" recently went viral. Scroll up to take a look.

Source: MMA News