Say what you want about the Island Boys as recording artists, the pair of identical twins from South Florida have become masters of self-promotion, marketing, and entertaining an audience on social media. Initially, Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja became known for their viral hit "I'm an Island Boy" back in the Fall of 2021, but they remained somewhat relevant with their proclivity for their overly dramatic, insult-hurling, wildly entertaining arguments with other rappers via Instagram live. Over the past nine months, the Island Boys have gone at it with the likes of Soulja Boy, BROKEASF, and Boosie's son Tootie Raww. But a recent verbal spat involving Flyysoulja and a rival rapper might have gone a bit too far. 

In a recent IG live session, Flyysoulja insulted Lil Dump's deceased father, NBA Dump (NBA Youngboy's former agent), which led to a heated exchange of extremely personal threats on both sides.

"Your momma raised a b*tch," Lil Dump said.

"And your daddy raised a b*tch, oh wait, he's dead," responded Flyysoulja.

"What! What! What! Hold on...what you said?!" Asked Lil Dump.

"F*ck n*gga what! What you gonna do?!" Flysoulja screamed.

"Boy, how dare you! Aight bet," Lil Dump said. "A bet on Dump, bet that up. Take me off this b*cth!"

"Yeah, you leave [IG Live], b*tch a*s n*gga! You leave! You leave!" Exclaimed Flyysoulja.

"But know when I see you, it's up, and that's the end of it," replied Lil Dump.

Scroll up to watch the heated exchange.

Source: Instagram