Conway The Machine and Funk Flex have been trading jabs since the beginning of the month when the Griselda rapper stated that Funk Flex and other "gatekeeper" DJs in New York should step aside for younger people to step in. 

After a steady back-and-forth, Conway jumped on a freestyle over Biz Markie’s 1988 track "Nobody Beats the Biz." Conway raps on the track, "Look, I’m one of the illest new n***as they comin’ across/All the other ill n***as is everyone in my squad/Y’all better go do your homework assignments/N***a said he don’t f*** with us, do you know he was lying?" 

Funk Flex addressed coming together with Conway on the track in the description of the YouTube video, where he wrote, "Last week me and Conway had some words! I sent him a track… he accepted the challenge and here we are! Rest in peace to Steve Smith! I thought it was right to name it that since Steve Smith was the creator of the all day Hip Hop format and this freestyle is Hip Hop!"