Brittney Griner’s situation in Russia has found the star WNBA player reportedly pleading guilty to drug charges. The player was allegedly found with hashish oil while trying to make her way through the airport. Griner is now facing up to 10 years in prison, and her situation is reportedly wrapped up in the middle of ever-growing animosity between the United States and Russia.

Many like LeBron James and more have spoken up to bring awareness to Griner’s situation. Now, Chris Brown has given his take on the matter and has called on more support for Griner. 

Chris Brown took to Instagram, saying: “It’s not my business. But…. it’s f**ked up what they doing to @brittneyyevettegriner Brittney Griner…” He continued pointing out the inequality in the situation, saying, “If this was a male star athlete y’all would be way more vocal and helpful.” Brown then expressed remorse, saying, “That s**t lame as f**k. 🙏🏾❤️. I wish I could really help her out.” Take a look above.