One of the biggest factors in the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James "GOAT Debate" is that the latter has had to deal with a vast amount of scrutiny on social media, during his playing career, while the former did not. Therefore, several sports commentators have often pondered how Jordan would have operated within the social consciousness climate of the social media spectrum. If his recent on-camera encounter with a fan is an indicator of that notion, for the sake of his beloved image, perhaps it's a good thing that "His Airness" played his last NBA game back on April 16, 2003. Which, ironically enough, was just a few months before MySpace kicked off the social media era. 

A video recently surfaced of two kids waiting in a parking garage, located in Uptown Charlotte (North Carolina) just to catch a glimpse of the best player that Michael Jordan has ever drafted as the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo Ball. But much to their surprise, instead of catching LaMelo Ball, Michael Jordan graced them with his presence, as he was walking to his car. The kids were understandably excited to see the legendary North Carolina native, so the one holding a camera phone let his feelings be known with spirited shouts and a request for a picture. To that, Jordan appeared to condemn the kids (for pointing a camera at him), one of whom just so happened to be wearing a pair of his signature sneakers. The exchange has since gone viral and it has also angered several Charlotte Hornets fans in the area, many of whom have supported the franchise despite their lack of success and poor draft history.

To watch the exchange between MJ and a pair of his fans, scroll up and press play.

Source: WCCB Charlotte