Previously, Justin Bieber took to social media and revealed half of his face is currently paralyzed. The singer says the temporary condition stems from Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is triggered by the same virus that sparks chickenpox. Many have offered support to the singer, with Lil Yachty, Lenny Kravitz, Scooter Braun, and more offering well wishes. Now, NLE Choppa has taken his well wishes a step further, saying he may have something that can help the singer with his Ramsay Hunt diagnosis. 

The rapper took to Twitter to note he tried to reach out to Bieber via Instagram DMs, to no avail. NLE Choppa went on to say, “I tried to have my label dm Justin Bieber on Instagram idk if it was sent out because I don’t run it but can y’all please do me a favor and let him know I have what can help I promise. I just want to help and heal 💯💯🙏🏾.” As of now, Bieber hasn’t responded but made note that he’s been canceling shows because of his condition.