According to ESPN's rankings, Bronny James is a four-star prospect and the 24th best player in next year's college recruitment class. In another year or two, the eldest son of NBA star LeBron James will be old enough to declare for the NBA draft or sign with a G-League team. But unlike the buzz that his father once generated as a heralded basketball prospect, Bronny occasionally makes headlines for the things that he does off the court, such as making the cover of Sports Illustrated as an e-sports player. LeBron James Jr. recently landed on the radar of several news cycles simply for being a normal teenager and taking a date to his high school prom. 

When photos from the events leading up to Bronny's special night began to emerge online, people seemed much more focused on the skin color of his date rather than the lavish $326,000 custom Mercedes GT sports car that the couple pulled up in. The notion of Bronny engaging in an interracial date with a Caucassain classmate named Peyton Gelfuso seemingly caused an uproar on Twitter. Thus, Bronny was subject to a litany of verbal abuse as several insults were hurled in his direction. 

"That girl is whiter than white bruh," said a Twitter user.

Another tweet read, "Should've got a black queen like his dad."

"Lost another black king to a money hungry white girl," a different Twitter user tweeted while another wrote, "Bron gotta do better SMH."

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Source: Daily Mail