When it comes to all things hip-hop, Gillie Da Kid is becoming one of the most quotable voices in the podcast game. His video clips often go viral on social media, but a recent statement that he made as a guest on a podcast called It's Tricky with Raquel Harper seems to have garnered attention for all the wrong reasons. The 38-year-old made an unsavory remark about his old nemesis, Lil Wayne, by indicating that he scared him off, after a brief face-to-face encounter during an event at Jackson State University. But when the President of Young Money, Mack Maine, learned of Gillie Da Kid's remarks, he quickly denounced the claim by posting a video that proved otherwise.

The footage clearly depicts a smiling Lil Wayne greeting Gillie Da Kid before shaking his hand as the latter quickly walks away. This is practically the reversal of what Gillie Da Kid claimed happened during his interview with Raquel Harper. It appears as though Mack Maine posted the video on Instagram in order to condemn Lil Wayne's former ghostwriter for dishonest behavior. He even captioned the video with a playful jab that read, "boy boy boy this Hollywood sh*t crazy!! Please watch both videos."

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Source: Tmz.com