The past calendar year has probably amounted to the most turbulent 365 days of Ben Simmons's professional basketball career thus far. Last year, he was scapegoated by his head coach, Doc Rivers, upon the Philadelphia Sixers' shocking playoff elimination at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks, and more recently he has been accused of not having enough competitive fortitude to return to an NBA court since then. Unfortunately for Ben Simmons, the hits just keep on coming. In a recent sit-down interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay, Michael Blackson had some less than flattering words about his old friend. According to the 49-year-old comedian, Simmons tried to lay down some game on his fiancée, knowing full well that they were together. It's an impression that Blackson, still hasn't forgiven Simmons for.

"I heard that Ben Simmons tried to holla at one of your chicks," said the podcast host, Shannon Sharpe.

"Not holla at one of my chicks...if this was one of my side chicks, it wouldn't matter, this dude tried to holla at my fiancée," replied Blackson."

"The one you're with now?!" asked Sharpe.

"Yes," said Blackson.

"Did he not know that was your fiancée?" asked Sharpe as he stared at his guest in complete shock.

"He a hundred percent knew," said Blackson." "He tried to make it seem to her [that we weren't friends]."

"Hold on! To try to smash he denied you friendship?!" asked Sharpe.

"He denied our friendship, [Simmons] was like my homie. He was like my little light-skinned brother...He saw her on social media with me," explained Blackson. "Guess what? He hasn't basketball since he tried to holla at my woman, has he?"

"Man, that's dirty," replied Sharpe.

"I lost all respect for him," said Blackson.

"So, you're glad he got traded?" asked Sharpe.

"Yeah, I would have traded him for a Subway sandwich," said Blackson.

There is no way to prove whether or not the universe is actually punishing Ben Simmons for allegedly trying to snatch Blackson's fiancée, but the fact that the former NBA All-Star hasn't registered a single minute on the court since then does seem a bit conspicuous. Simmons has yet to respond to the recent accusations made by his former friend. 

To watch Michael Blackson make his shocking revelation about Ben Simmons, scroll up and skip ahead to the 22:42 mark.

Source: YouTube