Recently, Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors went on Instagram to reveal that Candace Owen showed up outside of her home with a news crew early in the morning. Cullors gave a detailed rundown of how Owens tried to demand she come outside. 

Initially, the $6 million home purchased by the BLM organization in California was revealed to be a space for Black creators, although many questioned the story. Cullors went on to say she assumed Owens thought the $6 million space was her home, but quickly debunked that notion. “It's really unacceptable, and it's dangerous when Candace Owens, another black woman, who is actually working as a part of the right-wing agenda, comes outside of my house with cameras,” said Cullors.

In another part of the video, Cullors went on to speak about her safety, saying, “What happened this morning is not safety," she said while crying. "It's not what I deserve.” Owens responded in another video by saying, “The truth shall set you free, or Candace Owens shall set you free, girl. Because I'm about to tell the truth.”