Update 05/01/2022 12:10pm:

DaBaby was caught up in an ordeal that found the rapper facing felony assault charges after an alleged altercation involving a property manager named Gary Prager. The manager claimed DaBaby and his crew assaulted him after allowing the group of people to rent out his property. The issues reportedly occurred when Prager came on the property to enforce rules he specified in their rental agreement, which included a cap on the number of guests that could be on the property. Now, DaBaby has responded to charges and posted video footage of the property manager calling everyone on the set the n-word. 

Via a TikTok posted by the rapper, Gary Prager could be seen walking back and forth while yelling. Prager ended up saying, “You f**king n****rs. F**king a**holes... I'm telling you how I feel.” DaBaby then claimed later on in the video that Prager spit in his face. In the caption of his Instagram post, Dababy said, “Y’all keep believing these Hollywood hustlers. Y’all might as well get a rope to help em hang our black as**on a tree!” Take a look above. 

Original 04/30/2022 11:41am:

According to reports, DaBaby is facing criminal charges after a man claimed he was beaten down for trying to stop the rapper and his crew from shooting a music video on his property. 

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office charged DaBaby for an incident in December 2021 that allegedly left a man named Gary Pagar with serious injuries. Pagar rented a large spot to DaBaby and his team and was told the space would serve as a vacation home for him and his crew. Pagar reportedly made it clear only 12 guests were allowed, which Pagar says management for the rapper said okay to in a rental agreement.

Things got shifty when Pagar claimed he was attacked for trying to enforce the rental rules on his property in an ordeal that was caught on camera. Pagar attempted to stop the shoot from happening by talking to DaBaby but was attacked by a person in the rapper’s crew. DaBaby reportedly ordered the person off of Pagar but allegedly sucker-punched the property owner in his face, resulting in the loss of a tooth, according to the suit. 

DaBaby wasn’t the only one charged, as a man named Thankgod Awute is also facing charges. Awute was hit with a felony robbery charge. Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: TMZ