About a week and a half ago, VladTV aired an interview with former Source owner Benzino. The rapper and magazine proprietor appeared calm, introspective, and positive as he expressed his desire for peace with one of his biggest rivals in hip-hop. Since then, 50 Cent has poked fun at his sexuality, his own daughter Coi Leray has accused him of being mentally unstable, and he's agreed to fight Aaron Carter in a celebrity boxing match. Needless to say, a lot has changed in a matter of two weeks.

So, as the bombshells continue to be thrown in Benzino's direction, an alleged phone call between Benzino and transgender actress Shauna Brooks recently caused a social media feud between the rapper and 50 Cent. In a tell-all interview with Jazzy McBee on Streetz 94.5 Atlanta, Brooks clarified her dealings with Benzino while claiming he made sexual advances toward her.

When asked if her working relationship with Benzino ever became sexual, the 32-year-old offered up a very candid response.

"[Benzino's advances] didn't progress on my terms...I denied the advances," Brooks said after pausing for a brief moment, before proceeding with caution.

"But did you eventually give in to the advances?" asked the interviewer, Jazzy McBee.

"No I never gave in to the advances, that's why he's so mad," Brooks explained.

Brooks alleged that the 56-year-old once tried to entice her to partake in a threesome, involving him and a stripper. She told a story about how Benzino called her one night at two in the morning and propositioned her with the idea to have sex with him and a stripper who was at his house.

"He has a stripper over there and he's showing the stripper my pictures. He's like, I want you to come [over], that's one of my fantasies," Brooks said.

"To be intimate with a transgender and a stripper and then him. Like a threesome?" McBee asked.

"Exactly!" Brooks replied.

Later in the interview, Brooks indicates that Benzino betrayed her shortly after she denied his request for a threesome as an act of revenge.

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Source: Instagram