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Video footage of an alleged conversation between Benzino and a transgender actress caused the rapper to be tangled up in a web of drama surrounding his sexuality. The predicament has garnered the former publisher at The Source magazine an insurmountable amount of unwanted attention and it has also made an adversary out of a rap peer.

In a recent appearance on the Flip Da Script podcast with QueenzFlip, Benzino attempted to add context to a conversation between him and a transgender actress named Shauna Brooks before voicing his frustration with 50 Cent for reposting the phone call. The 56-year-old was quick to point out that what 50 Cent did to him was wrong and highly inappropriate, considering he allegedly saved his life during his beef with Ja Rule and Muder Inc.

"When I first met 50, this was when he first got stabbed up at the Hit Factory on 54th Street, I was with the Made Men at Sony studios," Benzino said. "He ended up running down there, coming to my studio session to get away from Murder Inc. I didn't know [Ja Rule & Irv Gotti] at the time...He was bleeding on the side from getting stabbed, he had no money and he showed me a gun with no bullets in it...So I was like, 'Damn, you need some help?' I was a millionaire back then. I had a car service at The Source magazine that we had on deck and I called the car service and I sent him to the hospital. So I kinda got him up out of that situation."

When QueenzFlip offered up some pushback on the notion that 50 Cent was forever indebted to Benzino because of a gesture that he showed him nearly two decades ago, the interviewee responded by asking why is it that 50 has chosen to focus on the controversial aspect of his life instead of the act of kindness that he once showed him.

"How come, he ain't never told that story?!" Benzino continued, "If I helped you out of a situation in that you was getting hands and feet put on [you] and you was getting stabbed up, and you had no money to get to the hospital...wouldn't I be cool with you after that? The ni**a was in the studio, they put hands and feet on him, they stabbed him. I mean, I seen the cut, he was bleeding all on the side of his s**t, he showed me. So, if I helped you out and sent you to the hospital, wouldn't that consider me and you cool?"

He continued, "The point is, I helped that man in a real situation. F**k the Eminem s**t! F**k the Ja Rule s**t! I helped that man. Me! Benzino, helped 50 Cent regardless of anything, I found it in my heart to help that man. I could have been like, 'Get the f**k out my studio, I don't want nothing to do with this. But I didn't do that.'"

Benzino went on to call 50 Cent a "b**ch a** ni**a," along with a number of additional insults, a few moments later. So, it appears as though his quest for inner peace and a life without bickering amongst his fellow rappers will have to wait a little while longer. Neither 50 Cent nor Ja Rule has responded to Benzino's latest rant. 

Scroll up and skip to the 7:30 mark to watch Benzino vent his frustration about 50 Cent.

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Original 04/13/2022 5:46pm:

In a recent interview with VladTV, Benzino addressed the gay rumors that have been circulating on social media lately while also reiterating his desire to end his feud with Eminem. Unfortunately for him, Eminem's former protege isn't down for the cause. 50 Cent recently took to Instagram to add fuel to the flames about Benzino's sexuality, making it very clear that if he wanted to achieve the inner peace that he talked about during his VladTV Q&A, he was not going to make it easy on him.

The "Wanksta" rapper from Queens, New York shared leaked footage of Benzino having an alleged phone discussion with a transgender actress named Shauna Brooks. The footage depicts the two of them having an intense conversation about manhood, porn, and the way that society views an acquaintanceship between a straight man and a trans woman. During the discussion, Brooks can be heard referring to Benzino as "Daddy" more than once.

50 Cent shared the footage with his followers on Instagram in two separate posts. The first clip was accompanied by a caption that read, “Young Buck, Benzino just embrace who you are but don’t pat nobody butt when they score a basket fool. LOL Hahaha, Nah. FOR REAL! PUNK!”

While the second post featured yet another jab at the former owner of Source magazine, "LOL OH MY GOD, THIS GUY IS CRAZY @iambenzino.”

As for Brooks, she recently posted a tweet that seemingly addressed the matter and wrote, "My intent is NEVER to 'out' any1 but MY truth is always T while it's PAINFUL to relive PUBLICLY… I'm TIRED of men LOVING girls like us ONLY behind closed doors & treating us as if we're disposable when it's NO longer convenient. They want you to be their toy on their time."

Lately, Benzino has been very straightforward in his intent to maintain a peaceful relationship with his rap contemporaries, but 50 Cent's actions may force the Boston native to clap back at some point. For more on this development, keep it locked.

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