Property photos of the $6 million mansion dubbed "Campus" by Black Lives Matter executives have surfaced just one day after BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors defended the purchase.

Earlier this week, a report claimed BLM used donations to secretly purchase the multi-million-dollar home in 2020. Cullors responded to the report and claimed the home was purchased in order to be used as a space for the organization to "work, create content, host meetings and foster creativity." She added that the home would also be used as a safe space and that the purchase was not disclosed because the property needed repairs.

Photos of the property reveal that the home sits on a three-quarter-acre lot and has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. The Studio City home also has a pool, miniature filming studio, two guest houses, and 24 parking spaces. Reports of BLM's 2020 purchase comes amid calls for the organization to offer more financial transparency.

The home is currently estimated to be worth $5,992,289. Look above to view photos of the property.

Source: Daily Mail