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Part 10: Dave Mays on Him & Benzino Fired from The Source: Sold For Only $4M
Part 8: Dave Mays: Only a Small Part of Eminem's Racist Tape was Released
Part 1: Dave Mays on How He Launched 'The Source' while Attending Harvard


In the latest clip, Dave Mays responded to The Source's COO claiming that the magazine went from selling 380,000 copies per month to 270,000 copies during its feud with Eminem. Mays disputed the numbers and claimed The Source's downfall was due to the company's failure to adjust to the dotcom era more than Benzino's beef with Eminem and Universal Music. However, The Source's co-founder did admit that the industry was scared to openly support The Source because Universal controlled nearly 80 percent of the Hip Hop being sold at the time. To hear more, check out the clip above.

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