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Part 9: Dave Mays: The Music Industry Turned On The Source After Eminem Beef
Part 7: Dave Mays on The Source's Downfall: The Feds Were Investigating Us
Part 1: Dave Mays on How He Launched 'The Source' while Attending Harvard


In the latest clip, Dave Mays reflected on The Source being dragged into Benzino's beef with Eminem. Mays claimed the beef wasn't meant to be personal as Benzino was simply concerned with overwhelming praise Eminem was receiving from mainstream media amid the "wiping out" of once-successful Black-owned companies in Hip Hop. Mays also pointed out that The Source were early supporters of Eminem. While the release of Eminem's old, racist recordings damaged the magazine's credibility, Mays explained that they had an obligation to report on the tapes. Check out the clip above to hear Dave Mays say what he would have done differently during the feud.

Interview by Shawn Prez
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