Alabama rapper Honeykomb Brazy took to Instagram to send out a message to his fans, as he says that he fears that he'll be killed while in prison. Earlier this year, Honeykomb Brazy was sentenced to serve out the remainder of his 15-year sentence, for which he had already served 18-months, due to a probation violation. 

In his Instagram post on Wednesday (November 24), Honeykomb Brazy stated that he's being mistreated and bullied by prison staff. He explained that after being at the prison for 9 days "they shook me down 5 times already." Honeykomb Brazy added that the prison staff has called him the n-word and put him in lockup without a write-up or any explanation. 

He went on to state that he was awoken at 2 am and left to sleep on the floor without a mat after being strip-searched. Honeykomb Brazy then told fans that he feared the prison staff would beat him up or kill him if they saw his post on Instagram, which you can read in full above.