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Part 45: Vlad Asks Boosie How Much Money He'd Need to Stop Hustling
Part 43: Boosie on His Biggest Regret in Life
Part 1: Boosie: I Made $1 Million on the First Day from My Movie 'My Struggle'


In this clip, Boosie talked about linking up with Flavor Flav and revealed the hip-hop legend is in his next movie. Boosie and Vlad also talked about a misunderstanding on Vlad's end that led to Flav wanting to check him. Boosie also talked about his crush on Rihanna but admitted that he thinks Rihanna and her beau A$AP Rocky look good together. He also weighed in on the Brittany Renner and PJ Washington situation, noting that he doesn't feel sorry for PJ because he should've known what he was getting into.

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