Part 2: Boosie on Pimp C & C-Murder Characters in His Movie, Mo3 Cameo
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Boosie returned to VladTV to talk about the release of his recent film, "My Struggle." The Baton Rouge claimed he started writing the film, which is loosely based on his life, while he was in prison. Without revealing the film's budget, Boosie said he called in favors for locations and said he didn't pay for anything in Baton Rouge. He also claimed he chose not to release the film through a major film company because he would've been stripped of his ownership and paid a relatively low fee. Despite filming the movie for about $250,000, Boosie said he profited nearly $1 million on the film's release date. Check out the above clip to hear Boosie talk about his plans for releasing a comedy on Christmas and launching his own Netflix.

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