Previously, Kanye West made an appearance on ‘Drink Champs’ and spoke about various topics, including some of his favorite rappers. When asked who he would choose out of Common and Talib Kweli, West chose Common but also sent some shots at Kweli in the process. Now, Talib Kweli has responded.

While speaking to TMZ, Kweli gave his thoughts on the words from West, explaining where he thinks the slight came from. Kweli went on to say, “Common is quite a standard for me as an MC to even be compared to. So, I feel honored and blessed to be compared to Common in that way," he said. "But Kanye's having a popularity contest between myself and him. And clearly, he's more popular but I never been into it for the popularity.”

Kweli continued on saying he believes their issues stem from him speaking on West’s support for Trump and Candace Owens, saying “I still consider him a good friend and I love him but because he's my good friend, I told him privately. I think it's dangerous. I think you're putting targets on our backs and I still believe that."

The Brooklyn artist concluded by saying, “‘I’m not here for a popularity contest. I'm here to tell the truth and the truth is often unpopular. I rhyme about the movement for Black lives in most of my rhymes. Kanye's out here rhyming about bleached a**holes and stuff like that. Obviously, he's more popular." Watch above.

source: TMZ