Freddie Gibbs is continuing to call out Dr. Umar Johnson to get in the ring for a boxing match, and he told DJ First Class that he'd box Johnson for $5 million.

This comes after Freddie brought up Dr. Umar on a recent episode of Hotboxing With Mike Tyson, where he told Tyson that Dr. Umar wouldn't approve of them talking about interracial relationships. Tyson admitted that he wasn't familiar with Dr. Umar, and Gibbs added, "He don't like white people. He's just a righteous brother. He got some cool ideas." Tyson then stated, "If he got hate -- he can't be cool."

Dr. Umar later responded to the interview, stating that neither Tyson or Gibbs knew what they were talking about when it comes to what he's about. Dr. Umar then called out Tyson to get in the ring, which Gibbs was all for, even asking for donations to set it up. Gibbs later said that he'd fight Dr. Umar himself, which he revisited with DJ First Class, which you can hear above.