Freddie Gibbs recently made an appearance on ‘Hotboxin With Mike Tyson’ for an interview that is still continuing to go viral. Gibbs and Tyson discussed various topics, including Dr. Umar Johnson, who Tyson was curious about because he was unaware of him. This led to Gibbs speaking on the views of Johnson, saying, “He don’t like white people.” Tyson shot back by saying, “If he got hate, he can’t be cool.” Since then, Dr. Umar has responded to Gibbs and Tyson, referring to the former as “Freddie Gribbs.”

Along with that, Johnson posted a meme of Tyson and Gibbs along with the caption, “Two brothers discussing Dr. Umar's politics and neither knows what they're talking about.” From there, Johnson put up a video asking to get with Tyson in the ring. The footage found Umar saying, “It's time for Mike Tyson and Dr. Umar five rounds. Somebody get Bernard Hopkins on the phone!... Somebody get Floyd Mayweather on the phone! Let's do it. Five rounds: Mike Tyson, Prince of Pan-Afrikanism. FDMG. I'm ready to train." Gibbs retweeted the video and laughed at one of them, and another response found him saying, “Let’s f**kin goooooo!!!!!!” Take a look above.