Part 4: Boosie on Being "Excited" to Witness His First Murder at 9 Years Old
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Part 2: Boosie on Pimp C & C-Murder Characters in His Movie, Mo3 Cameo
Part 1: Boosie: I Made $1 Million on the First Day from My Movie 'My Struggle'


In the latest clip, Boosie pondered how Pimp C would react to today's social climate before revealing C-Murder's first time smoking marijuana was with him. After admitting he got a thrill out of breaking rules in prison, he addressed gay culture in the prison system. Boosie claimed there's a large gay population in prison and that they're treated like women behind bars. He also claimed inmates sell their gay partners for up to $20,000 in prison. Check out the above clip to hear more.

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