Nicki Minaj has been receiving backlash for her recent tweet about being hesitant about taking the COVID-19 vaccine after her cousin in Trinidad experienced some side effects. 

When UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked about Minaj's comments during a press conference, he admitted that he’s "not as familiar with the works of Nicki Minaj as I probably should be." Nicki then responded on Twitter, writing, "I love him even tho I guess this was a diss? The accent ugh! Yassss boo!!!"

She then shared a recording, where she stated, "I was born there, I went to university there, I went to Oxford. I went to school with Margaret Thatcher and she told me so many nice things about you. I’d love to send you a portfolio of my work since you don’t know much about me. I am a big, big star in the United States." 

Controversial English television personality Piers Morgan then shared his thoughts, calling Nicki "ghastly" and "one of the rudest little madams I’ve ever met." This led to Nicki denying that they ever met, and Piers responded, claiming that they met at America's Got Talent. Morgan then claimed that Nicki refused to say hello his sons because she was "too busy," which led to Nicki telling Piers that he was lying about their encounter. 

Later, Nicki then stated that she was on American Idol, not AGT, which led one Twitter user pulling up a video of Nicki making a guest appearance on the talent show for a performance with Flo Rida and David Guetta. Nicki joking told the user, "That's not me." You can check out more of the exchange above.