The Breakfast Club offered their initial reaction to Kanye West's new album, DONDA, during Monday's "Rumor Report" segment. Angela Yee, Charlamagne tha God, and DJ Envy discussed pushbacks and featured artists' grievances surrounding the album's release.

During the segment, Charlamagne offered his thoughts on the new release. He noted that his opinion was based on the first listen, but called the album "lackluster," "exhausting," and "dated."

"I listened to it yesterday. I don't know if it's lackluster or too long, maybe both," Charlamagne said. "Upon first listen, for me, it was kind of lackluster and long. An hour and 48 minutes is nuts. Even without all the part twos on there, it's just still too long and it gets exhausting. And the music, to me, sounds kind of dated."

While Charlamagne's kept his opinion music-related, DJ Envy used the segment to criticize Kanye West personally. The co-host accused Kanye of "clown" behavior throughout the album's rollout and also called out West's inner circle for not holding him accountable.

"Kanye is a clown," DJ Envy declared. "He is a clown and a circus. He is a clown and circus, and I'm ashamed of the people around him -- Bu [Thiam], Free, Pusha, Monopoly...he is a clown. And if you don't get your guy together -- like Charlamagne said seven years ago, when he came up here and said, 'The people around you don't love you.' And Kanye, the people around you don't love you. You are a clown."

While Charlamagne took a more peaceful approach when discussing Kanye West, personally, he did agree with his co-host about West's team being full of "enablers" of his "toxic behavior." To hear The Breakfast Club's full remarks, check out the above clip.